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Sending money anywhere in the world should be as quick and painless as sending an email. But the old banks’ systems weren’t built for sending money abroad — so we’re building a new one.

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How long will a money transfer take?

Sending money fromSending money toTransfer methodShould arrive by
GBPEURBank Transferin 8 hours
GBPAEDBank Transferby Tuesday, March 28th
GBPARSBank Transferin 12 hours
GBPAUDBank Transferin 5 hours
GBPBDTBank Transferby Sunday
GBPBGNBank Transferin 9 hours
GBPBRLBank Transferin 12 hours
GBPBWPBank Transferby Monday, March 27th
GBPCADBank Transferby Monday, March 27th
GBPCHFBank Transferin 3 hours
GBPCLPBank Transferby Tuesday, March 28th
GBPCNYBank Transferin seconds
GBPCOPBank Transferin seconds
GBPCRCBank Transferby Tuesday, March 28th
GBPCZKBank Transferby Sunday
GBPDKKBank Transferby Monday, March 27th
GBPEGPBank Transferby Tuesday, March 28th
GBPFJDBank Transferin 10 minutes
GBPGELBank Transferin 8 hours
GBPGHSBank Transferby Friday
GBPHKDBank Transferin seconds
GBPHUFBank Transferin seconds
GBPIDRBank Transferin 6 hours
GBPILSBank Transferby Wednesday, March 29th
GBPINRBank Transferin seconds
GBPJPYBank Transferin 22 minutes
GBPKESBank Transferin 30 minutes
GBPKRWBank Transferin 3 minutes
GBPLKRBank Transferin seconds
GBPMADBank Transferby Tuesday, March 28th
GBPMXNBank Transferby Friday
GBPMYRBank Transferin seconds
GBPNGNBank Transferby Monday, March 27th
GBPNOKBank Transferby Monday, March 27th
GBPNPRBank Transferin 11 hours
GBPNZDBank Transferby Sunday
GBPPHPBank Transferby Sunday
GBPPKRBank Transferin seconds
GBPPLNBank Transferby Monday, March 27th
GBPRONBank Transferby Monday, March 27th
GBPSEKBank Transferin 6 hours
GBPSGDBank Transferin seconds
GBPTHBBank Transferin seconds
GBPTRYBank Transferin 3 hours
GBPTZSBank Transferin 10 hours
GBPUAHBank Transferby Monday, March 27th
GBPUGXBank Transferin 11 hours
GBPUSDBank Transferby Monday, March 27th
GBPUYUBank Transferby Monday, March 27th
GBPVNDBank Transferin 40 minutes
GBPZARBank Transferby Sunday
GBPZMWBank Transferby Sunday

How to send money abroad instantly?

How fast is instant?

A payment is instant when it arrives within 20 seconds. And sometimes they’re even quicker. So, your payments could arrive before you can say ‘hidden bank fees’.

Right now, 45% of our transfers are instant. But our mission is to build instant transfers for everyone, everywhere. So if your chosen currency route isn’t instant yet, make sure to check the speed of your transfer in our calculator.


Fast money transfers are easy

Wise makes transferring money fast, and sometimes — instant. We believe that:

  • You should always know how long your transfer’s going to take. So when you set up a transfer, you'll get an estimate for when your money should arrive.
  • You should always know where your money is. So keep track of your money by using our in-app Money tracker.
  • All transfers should be instant — we’re on a mission to bring you just that.

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